The Savannah Baptist Assembly offers seven different buildings and up to 87 beds to accomodate your group’s lodging and customize to fit your needs. Learn more below and click the images to see inside:

The House

The House is the definition of a multi-purpose building. For lodging you’ll find two large bedrooms, sleeping eight guests in one and twenty guests in the other. Each bedroom has an attached bathroom with two showers. There’s an additional upstairs sleeping area with space for up to three, meaning you can sleep up to 23 people in this one building. The House contains the primary kitchen and dining hall (seating up to 70). Finally, The House has two gathering spaces for meeting and fellowship, and the classic front porch.

The Lodge

The Lodge is another multi-purpose building, with spaces for lodging, bathing, cooking and meeting. The large room contains enough beds to sleep up to sixteen, along with a cozy and rustic meeting area for debriefing the day’s events or just hanging out. You’ll also find a small attached kitchen and bathroom/shower facilities. The Lodge is suitable for groups up to 16 of the same gender.

Cabins 1-4

The newest facilities onsite are Cabins 1-4. Each of the four contain beds for up to eight people. In addition, each cabin has its own attached bathroom and shower facilities. These four cabins add overnight capacity for up to 32 total guests, and leave you the flexibility to adjust gender arrangements with each 8-person space. Like all of our facilities, these cabins and bathrooms are fully climate controlled.

Cabin 5

Cabin 5 currently serves only as a sleeping cabin. This building contains beds for up to 16 guests and is a standalone , minimalist lodging option. For now, guests staying in Cabin 5 will need to make use of the bathroom facilities in one of the adjacent buildings.